I have 10+ years of experience with: IT Support, computer repair, and solution development. I have worked in the military, industrial and private sectors. Gulf War Veteran.

All problems have solutions. Anything can be improved upon. Good solutions are fluid and must change as demands and technologies change.

There is no single lasting solution. Success depends on the ability to identify shifts in needs, the willingness to act quickly and openness to adapting.

My task is to bring efficiency to your workplace.

Solutions Design

I improve workflow by developing efficient systems and procedures that maximize business productivity while simplifying the work for you and your teammates. This is accomplished through analyzing current processes then designing new methods through the use of applied technology. Solutions can incorporate: digital records management, media streaming for remote event attendance, improved remote customer/client transactions via multiple channels, and more.


I train clients on how to use social media and a wide range applications for everything from live data analysis to direct customer communication. I will design and instruct courses that you need for individuals or small classes in order to ensure your team is confident with using whatever technology systems you have in place.


I provide quality per incident IT support for small business and organizations that don’t have the resources to maintain a full-time information-technology staff. I can troubleshoot hardware and can support upgrading systems from purchasing to installation.

Brian was essential in helping our church continue to operate during the COVID-19 restrictions by adding sign-ups for reduced capacity services to our website, setting up live streaming for our Sunday sermons and taking donations securely and safely online.


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