Who Benefits from Anti-Science?

Anti-science movements have been around ever since science. However, over the centuries, reason has been slowly winning out over superstition. I mean, you’re reading my words right now only because of science. From the phone / tablet / laptop / PC to the wired and wireless connectivity to the global Internet, without science, none of this would exist today.

The most recent bout of anti-science thinking started with the climate change deniers back in the early part of the 21st century. Who benefits from this? That’s an easy one: the fossil fuel industries of coal and oil. But how, in an age of technological information, and education levels at an all time high, can anyone get others to buy into the idea that science is universally wrong?

There are so many conspiracies against science, I’d like to weave my own little anti-science conspiracy.

If the science of climate change was hurting my business, I would target the most gullible group of people I could find, people who have demonstrated that they are willing to believe information without the need for evidence: Christians, especially the 25% of Americans who identify as Evangelicals. I know these particular people support the conservative political agenda, too, because that ideology sides with their desire to impose their religious restrictions on everyone, including non-Christians.

So all I do is make climate change science a political issue. I point at “liberals” and say they support the lie of climate change and it’s no coincidence they also believe in abortion. They want to destroy American society. To my religious rubes, American society is going to church every week and pretending they aren’t sexual deviants while accusing everyone else of their own sins (this is called projection).

That was easy. I didn’t even need to pretend to have evidence, but for the few bulbs in the box that aren’t quite as dim as the rest, I’ll toss out some made-up “scientific evidence” contrary to the actual scientific evidence (hmm, but isn’t that supposed to be science? I thought I told them not to trust science? Don’t worry, they won’t notice) for them to share on social media. Now I can go about my day while these suckers oppose my enemies.

Oh, and just for the record, I’m well aware of the truth of climate change. I’m not the idiot. I’m just using the idiots so I can continue to get rich.

Hey, I just had a great idea.! This will make things easier for me so I don’t have to keep worrying so much. Let’s put a guy in the White House who has no ethics and is already so deeply indebted to us he will do anything. Let him tell the bullshit to the idiots and make sure they don’t trust anyone with scientific knowledge. Every scientist (except for those we say are the right ones, the ones we pay for) is out to get them.

What do you know? It turns out that nurturing ignorance only causes ignorance to spread like a wildfire. We just wanted them to believe that climate change was a lie so we could continue to stockpile wealth. But now they think vaccines cause autism and the world is flat. Oh well, so we lose several hundred thousand to illnesses that could have been prevented. That’s acceptable.

In fact, my 2,900 other billionaires from around the globe and I can profit even more from this unforeseen bonus. Those with money will be forced to buy more products online, lining Jeff’s pockets. And we still control the labor force, that majority who can’t afford not to work. Everything is fine.

Wait what’s this? AI is becoming more advanced. What is this RaaS? Robots as a service? I thought we squashed all this when we told our idiots that robots will take their jobs? If robots take over all jobs, people won’t need money. Because cost comes from labor. If nobody needs to get paid, nothing needs to be paid for either. And that is not acceptable. The labor force is how we stay above these peons. Without 99% of humanity being wage slaves, then I can’t wield power over them. All of my wealth will have no value. Everyone can have anything they want just like me but then I won’t be better than anyone else!

I’ve never been concerned for anyone else’s well being. After all, If that were the case I wouldn’t be hoarding billions of dollars in wealth, would I? In fact, my fellow billionaires have as much wealth as 60% of the global population. Less than three thousand people have more than 4.6 million people combined. And I don’t give a fuck. I’ll donate a million here and there to some stupid cause and they’ll treat me like a hero.

But no, we can’t have AI robots reducing the human labor resource. Get some of the religious leaders on the line! Tell them how science is trying to play God. Tell them that AI will kill everyone. Of course they will believe it, they think the Earth is flat for fuck’s sake.

Get Hollywood, have them crank out some more “be afraid of AI movies”. While we’re at it, let’s nip that transhumanism threat in the bud, too. That’s the last thing we need is people becoming less dependent on our healthcare scheme. I love that one. Pay them a few pennies then turn around and make them give it all back to us, with interest after our products make them sick in the first place. Genius.

And for good measure, let’s post some stuff on social media that says that liberals are pedophiles, too.

So let’s recap: puppet president, idiots believe science is a demonic conspiracy to jeopardize their souls and the sensible people are child molesters. That should be enough.

Oh shit. The puppet is a racist and causing civil unrest. I’m not sure we can really profit from this. We need people focused on working, not uniting behind a civil cause. That’s never gone well for us in the past.

We may need to replace him.